Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charge It Sation

So with all the power cords and items that are needing charging around our house these days I needed something that would keep them hidden and out of the way. I had seen some great ideas on-line that others had done to take a break box and transform it into a charging station. Last week I found myself at Goodwill with a friend and stumbled upon this break box on half-price day. Well for $2 I could give it a whirl and see if I could actually make it work. The only thing I'm concerned about at the moment is the fact that charging items can make them quite hot and there have been instances where they have caught on fire. I will be cutting out the back and putting something less flamable as s shelf  inside to keep that from happening. So not completlely finished. I still need to paint the inside. I will make that white so it is easy to see.

Once the painting and cutting are done it will be ready to stick on the shelf and do it's job, hide my cords and charging items. I also bought myself this nice little extension cord that should sit nicely for more outlets to plug into. The front is basically finshed except for a clear finish to seal it all. I'm looking forward to getting it done and put into use.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

and it's finally... Winter?

and we woke up to this today. I know we live in Canada, but snow at the end of April? What a crazy thing. So we have snow all over our laundry, ground and even the beautiful new tulips too.

Bathroom Reno

Oh the fun of picking colours, textures, materials etc. The hard part is always waiting for it to be put together and see the end result. Our upstairs bathroom was the last room that had not been renovated yet in our 1890's farmhouse. Having a second washroom on the second level was just wonderful. I only wish I could have had it during my pregnancies. Regardless it is now here and we are loving it. It is actually the first room that I have designed myself and I have to say I am very pleased with the results.

This room has been used for years as a bathtub / baby room. Our kids never did get a fabulous nursery like many others but they have great stories to tell. This room consisted of a bathtub, change table (where the toilet would go) and a crib(where the sink would go). When the crib became to small they were moved up to a toddler bed in the space of the crib and the moment one of them could turn on the tap for the tub, they moved out! It worked quite well and gave us the space we needed for that stage of our lives. Now that the children are growing up(too quickly I might add), we have no need for a baby room. Therefore we have the new bathroom.

We went with a beadboard bottom, painted white and red walls to finish it off. The contrast is absolutely delicious. I love red! I most especially love the black details that can be added to make it look for country and rustic as well. Of course we have many barn boards since we took our old dairy barn down 3 years ago. We salvaged all the material and I'm hoping to use alot of it in our new addition this summer. I will certainly share our progress on that project. We have waited 14 years to start that one. I'm an thrilled with the results and cannot wait to tackle the new downstairs washroom and mudroom/laundry room next.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breathtaking Day Trip

So I had no idea places like this existed. I have been salvaging through my own 19th century treasures only to find out that there is a place less than an hour away that has it all, and I mean ALL, for your eyes to take in. Boy, did I drink it in. What a fun discovery. I have already planned a few projects with items that are still on site Balley Canoe Take a look by following the link.