Monday, February 28, 2011

Exterior Choices

It was time for another afternoon drive to check out
exteriors of houses we liked.
Our first stop was at H&I's to check out their faux
board & baton exterior.
This is definately our first choice.

Here again is another front entry.
Love the curved line above the door.
We are definately going with that look!

I really love the large frame around the windows.

I also love the double-hung windows.
Maybe I'll even clean my windows more often.
(Don't hold your breath though.)
Isn't the inset pattern nice.

So our search not only lead us to some lovely homes to get
ideas from but of course we saw a number of homes for sale too.

Last year we were scouring the listings for homes thinking that we
were going to move but as it turned out a big addition and
land sale to fund said addition were in our future,
not a new home purchase.

I'll leave you with some great houses and just for fun I checked them
out on-line to see what they would cost us...
So we won't be buying... at least not these! *sigh*

They were valued at over $500,000.00.

For fun I've included the link to the MLS listing.

Okay this one is not for sale but has always been one of my favourites.
It is also on Rock Rd in Spencerville.

~ Marlene

Monday, February 21, 2011

Front Porch Ideas

Which front porch idea do we go with?

So many great ideas. Today is Famly Day so we took the kids for a drive and looked at houses along the way. I took my camera and we drove by some beautiful homes with great porches.

I think my favourite porch and house were the following:

Love the colour
Love the trim
Love the porch
Love the shutters

So what do you think?

~ Marlene

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Complete

Okay this is my FAV project to date!
I love this one.

This was a temporary solution for this bathroom.
It just happens to be our only bathroom since we've
 ripped the downstairs one apart as soon as this one was "done".
See the whole project reveal here.

Glad to see that thing out of the bathroom.
Out with the old,
in with the new!

A revamp from Ana White.
This is the link for the top section and
a link for the base section.

This is finished except for
one knob on the lower door
and frosted glass for the top door.
I can't wait to get that project done...

This was also my first attempt at doing a distressing treatment.
It just looked a little too white, clean, neat...
It just needed a little something else.

But there just seemed to be too much space in the upper hutch.
So a good friend was visiting and suggested placing
a paper towel holder in the space.

Only problem is how do you get the new roll on each time?
Well it is currently attached to the bottom of the door.
Time will tell wether that was a good idea or not...

Sometimes another person's viewpoint can be a great thing.
Thanks my friend! 

One more look...

Yes I love it!

~ Marlene

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Garbage System Makeover

Not that I like to air my garbage on-line but it was time for makeover,
garbage can style!

Last time I was at Ikea I found this garbage can that rolls out.

The sliders were simple to instal with my new drill (a gift
from my hubby) since I've become so handy around the house.

and then once it was installed I realized that I needed to have
room for another roll out to make a recyling spot next to it.

so... even though it looked great, out it came to make room
for another roll out when I make my way back to Ikea.

Both garbage cans in.
One a beautiful roller,
one the old one for my recycling.

What's so pretty about garbage?
The fact that there is a place for everything
and everything has it's own place.

and here's to "keeping it real".
Since it is soooo cold right now, (-30)
no one wants to go outside to bring out the recycling.

Well now I have a place for that too.

Hopefully you didn't mind allowing me to air my dirty laundry garbage.

Have you got any amazing organization ideas or pics?
Please send them my way so I can share with others.

Thanks for visiting. Don't forget to let me know you've been by.

~ Marlene

more kitchen drawers an abosolute "must have"

Years ago when I was newly married and I was told that
I would not want so many drawers in my kitchen when we
first put our new kitchen in. WRONG!!!
I believed that since I was new to choosing kitchen cupboards and
such I should go with a professional kitchen building guys opinion.

I have learned since then that this is what I can expect from
my deep cupboards that do not have drawers.

Not only was it a hassle but I was loosing food that I did not
remember I had bought and it was feeling very wasteful!
Like this bag of prunes that I had no idea was in the "dark hole".

I have been thinking alot about
how I could fix this problem.

Then... one Saturday I opened the Canadian Tire flyer
and saw these great sliding shelves on sale. Did a quick
measure to make sure they would fit and off I went to
purchase 3 of them to fit on my 3 shelves.

Since I have begun building things thanks to Ana White 
I have come to feel alot more comfortable with tools.
Yeah for being able to DIM (Do It Myself)!

With the shelves being so close together I had to remove
2 of the boards and just attached the wire basket drawers
right on the shelf and then returned it to the cupboard.
Soooo much easier that way!!!

By the time my hubby was home I had all three
shelves installed and ready to roll.

Yeah to knowing exactly what is in my cupboards and
not loosing anything in that "dark hole".
Now on to other "dark holes" and areas that need attention.

Done any DIM projects lately?
Please share or if you just stop by to see what I'm up to
please leave me a message so I know who is enjoying my blog.

~ Marlene