Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lockers, Finally Started!

I have been wanting to get these lockers built so badly but life keeps me doing other things like laundry, groceries, meetings etc. Today I finally was able to get my hands on some wood, hammer, nails oh and some glue. Kinda forgot to wear gloves doing that part. All the cutting is finished and now it is assembly time.

This is the blank space next to our back door where the lockers are going. I have a piece of wood on the floor so I can see how much space it will take with the top and bottom pieces together.

First the top part. Then making sure that everything is sqaure. Very difficult because I just want to get it all nailed down and put up. A lot of patience and a lot of perseverance for this bigger type project. But I think they are looking pretty good. We'll see what happens when I stand them up with the shelves in.